The Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (CSEP) builds on a record of innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs at the California NanoSystems Institue (CNSI), to create a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration. The center’s mission is to strengthen UCSB’s capacity to play a leading role in the education and professional development of current and future scientists and engineers.

CNSI Education

Photo by Simon Ibsen

CSEP specialists are available to collaborate with UCSB scientists and engineers on:

  • program design and evaluation
  • undergraduate research internships
  • teaching and mentoring in STEM disciplines
  • professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars
  • informal science in the community

CSEP provides guidance and infrastructure for those who wish to develop novel projects, augment existing models and programs, or develop broader impacts education components for their research and education proposals.  The center’s focus on evaluation offers the campus a distinctive mechanism to meet funding agency requirements for data collection and analysis about short and longer-term broader impacts of STEM partnerships.