SACNAS Scholar Program Accepting Applications for 2022

December 22, 2021

The UCSB Summer Institute for Mathematics and Science, the Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships, and the UCSB Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) Career Pathways Program will be accepting applications for  the summer 2022 SACNAS Scholars Research Program. The program will provide opportunities for students to engage in hands-on research training during an 8-week intensive summer program, as well as provide funding and support for professional development or training that will inform and prepare them for post-graduation career opportunities or advanced academic pursuits. 

Once selected as SACNAS Scholars, the students embark upon a research program of scientific research and educational enrichment guided by faculty advisors, graduate student and postdoc mentors, and staff at CSEP. Scholars begin with a 1 unit Spring Quarter course, 'The Practice of Science', introducing them to research at the university, followed by an 8-week full-time summer research experience. Scholars are provided with an invaluable opportunity to explore their discipline, experience a research environment, and improve their opportunities for future study in their chosen field. Each scholar is mentored by a member of the UCSB faculty, who assists the student in designing a plan of research and enrichment activities fitted to the individual interests and academic goals of the student.

SACNAS Scholars are expected to become leaders within the UCSB SACNAS undergraduate community by participating in and organizing relevant workshops and undergrad research information sessions. No prior community service, outreach, or leadership experience is required, however, applicants should indicate how they might contribute to the chapter mission of ‘improving and expanding opportunities for minorities in the scientific workforce, also mentoring college students in science, mathematics and engineering.’

Applications for Summer 2022 will open December 2021 and close at 11:59PM on February 13, 2022 .We are planning for an 8-week summer session (June 20 - Aug 12 2022) that may be in-person or virtual as circumstances allow. 

Information Sessions to be held Winter 2022 - to receive more info, register here

Scholars will receive:

$3,500 stipend for Summer

$1,000 Professional Development funding 



All currently enrolled full-time UCSB STEM majors  

Freshman, sophomore, or junior standing

US Citizens or Permanent Residents  


How to Apply


Part I Application Process

** Note: Application form must be filled out BEFORE any other materials can be submitted, including letters of recommendation!

Application Form

Required Application Materials: 

All of the following must be received by the application deadline.

- Application form : fill this out as soon as possible to generate automated emails to your recommenders. All other application materials can only be submitted after completing this form, but may be submitted anytime before the deadline). Includes contact information, demographic information, and lab preferences (each applicant must provide the names of 4 potential faculty mentors; see FAQ page for Gorman or EUREKA Scholars program for questions about this requirement).

- Statement of interest (complete after submitting application form - applicants must respond to a series of questions [see below])

- CV/resume (PDF less than 2MB to be uploaded after submitting application form)

- Unofficial transcript(s) for all 2yr and 4yr colleges attended (Make sure all content is legible,PDF less than 2MB to be uploaded after submitting application form)

- Letter(s) of recommendation: Students only applying to Gorman Scholars and/or EUREKA!  and/or SACNAS Scholars need one letter of recommendation (though you can choose to have two letters). You must include the name(s) and email(s) of the people who will write your letter(s) of recommendation on the application form, and they will be automatically contacted with information on how to submit your letter after you submit the application form.


Statement of Interest Prompt

Write a concise response to the following prompts. If you are applying to multiple programs, please check the 'How to Apply' section for prompts specific to each program.

1. Discuss your interest in science and the qualities you possess that will make you a good scientist. What have you done, both in and out of the classroom, that demonstrates your motivation and interest in science? Give specific, recent examples.

2. Briefly describe your research area of interest. This need not be based on research that you have done or are currently doing. We simply want to understand what areas interest you.

3. Describe how this internship program will help you reach your current educational and career aspirations. How will you contribute to our Scholar community if you are accepted?

4. Tell us about your leadership, outreach and/or community service experiences: how could you leverage your experience to contribute to the UCSB SACNAS undergraduate community? If you have not had prior experience in these areas, describe your potential contribution to the UCSB SACNAS undergraduate community.

OPTIONAL: We acknowledge that every student has had unique life experiences that may not be captured in the above questions. The selection committee is interested in learning more about extenuating circumstances you may have encountered throughout your journey. If you have none to write about, please write "N/A".

Information for Recommenders:

All required recommendation forms should be submitted by the application deadline. Students should approach potential recommenders with their request for a letter before including the recommender's name in the application.
Each recommender selected by the student will receive an email with a personalized link to submit the letter of recommendation. This email will only be generated after the student has submitted the application form.

Recommenders will be asked to respond to the following prompts on the recommender form:

How long have you known the student and in what capacity?
In what ways do you feel the student is prepared for a research internship? In what areas, if any, do you foresee them needing additional support?
How does the student approach academic challenges? Please give an example where the student has persevered through an academic challenge.
From what you have observed, how does this research internship support the student's educational goals?
OPTIONAL: We acknowledge that every student has had unique life experiences that may not be captured in the above questions. The selection committee is interested in learning more about any extenuating circumstances the student may have encountered throughout their journey (e.g., 1st in family to attend college, low-income, or anything else you feel is relevant) and how they have dealt with these circumstances. If you have nothing to add here, please write "N/A".


Part II Interview/Selection Process

Approximately 3 weeks after submission deadline, students selected for interviews will be notified by email and asked to sign-up for an interview time. All communication will be via email and applicants should be sure their email address is correct and checked frequently. Though only some students will be selected for interviews, all applicants will be notified of the status of their application when interview/selection process is complete (approximately 4 weeks after application deadline).


Part III - Application Process (after selection)

To be completed after you have been selected for the program. Interns will be notified via email about all requirements shortly after accepting a position in the program.

A 1-page project proposal that you have arranged with your research sponsor. The proposal should include:

Background information about the research area

A specific discussion of the activities you will be doing in your research project

A letter of support from your research sponsor indicating their support of your project. Your lab mentor should also be identified in this letter.

Signed Intern Responsibility contract

All waivers and liability releases


Email Correspondence

Note: ALL correspondence with applicants will be via email, including award decisions.

Questions? Please contact Samantha Davis ( or  M. Ofelia Aguirre Paden ( 

See Flyer for details


  • Voice: 805.893-7472
  • Fax: 805.893-6132


Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships
University of California
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