Mentoring Opportunities

CSEP offers opportunities and training for science and engineering graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to mentor K-12 students and teachers, community college and university undergraduates, and other community participants through various programs. Those interested should refer to the program descriptions (links to the right) and contact the appropriate coordinator.

Why Be a Mentor?

In addition to giving you the rewarding opportunity to foster your intern’s personal and professional growth, mentoring can benefit you in various ways.

Enhance Your Coaching and Leadership Skills

Working with individuals from different backgrounds and personality types allows you to strengthen your coaching and leadership skills. These are extremely valuable skills, no matter what career path you choose to pursue.

Learn More by Teaching and Talking About Your Research

It is a common experience that we understand something more deeply and clearly when we explain it to someone else. Improve your interpersonal skills. By mentoring others, you will put to the test and enhance your skills of empathy, listening, caring, and building trust: all qualities that will make you a better team player.

Make Progress on Your project

Get help in carrying forward your research project or finally tackle that scientific question that has been bugging you.

Get a Fresh Perspective

Thinking out of the box is not easy when you have been working on a problem for a long time. Your intern can provide an unbiased look at your research and help you develop new approaches.

Enhance Your Self-esteem

Not only does it feel good to help others; their success makes you feel better about yourself, your knowledge level and your abilities. As you learn that you can make a difference, your confidence will increase.


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