Corporate/Partnership Formation in Startups

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Elings 1601


The UCSB Office of Technology & Industry Alliances is pleased to present a panel discussion
of how to prepare for a successful and smooth launch of a new startup company - from assuring
legal issues are in order to attracting and maintaining early investment. Join us for lunch on May
11th in Elings room 1601 from 12:00pm - 1:30pm and hear from our list of panelists.

Seth Levy is an attorney, specializing in corporate law and intellectual
property, who has represented many startup companies throughout Southern
California. Mr. Levy will discuss the importance of forming a company
correctly from the beginning, including the various legal issues and documents
to consider to protect the founders and the company, navigate investor due
diligence smoothly and efficiently, and minimize future disputes within the
company. Manny Stockman is a Senior Associate at Osage Partners, a venture capital firm
specializing in investing in university startup companies, to focus on the
engineering, materials and software sector. He will be presenting the investor’s
perspective on what can be done at formation to facilitae investment, as well as
common errors that have delayed or injured a companies ability to attract investment. Ron Chiarello, currently CEO of the UCSB startup, Alveo Technologies, is a
successful serial entrepreneur and UCSB alum. Ron will be sharing his
experiences and lessons lerned when launching startups, including insights
into how to position a company for its first fundraising, locate the right
investors, and manage the company’s first investor relationships.


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