2020 UG Internships- Quantum Foundry

January 7, 2020

The Quantum Foundry research internship program brings science and engineering California Community College, California State University, and other primarily undergraduate institution undergraduate students to the UC Santa Barbara campus for an 8-week summer research experience. Undergraduate interns gain first-hand experience in scientific investigation via a dynamic, collaborative research environment. They are matched individually with Foundry faculty and graduate student lab mentors who provide ongoing training and support. Interns also participate in professional development activities preparing them for graduate research and the workforce.

The internship includes: 8-week summer research experience; Oral and written science communication skills development; Weekly seminar course with Quantum Foundry faculty; Networking events and professional development workshops

The Quantum Foundry program is open to undergraduate students who meet all of the following requirements: Currently enrolled as an undergraduate student ; Over 18 years of age by the start of program and not enrolled in high school at the time of application; A US citizen or permanent resident; Majoring or intends to major in science, engineering, or mathematics; Has satisfied the following course/unit requirements: (1 semester unit = 1.5 quarter units) Completed or currently enrolled in a minimum of 4 semester units of Calculus; Completed a minimum of 12 semester units in science and/or engineering courses; Successful applicants will be supported by fellowships of $4,000 plus housing for visiting interns and additional housing support for local participants.


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Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6105