Professional Networking with Industry and Interns

July 27, 2016

On July 27th, 2016, the Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships* and AIM Photonics hosted a lively Dinner with Industry for student in the PIPELINES, EUREKA, MARC, Gorman Scholars and AIM Apprenticeship program as part of their summer research internship professional training programming. Twenty-four scientist and engineer representatives from local companies, as well as the Navy Facilities Command, were in attendance (Agilent Tech/Dako, Apeel, Aurrion, FLIR, HP Labs, Lockheed Martin, Procore, Raytheon).

Professional networking events are an important component of community college and undergraduate training as they create an environment conducive to candid discussions about life and career goals. Based on past feedback, our students appreciate the opportunity to get answers to questions they would not otherwise know whom or when to ask. Often, this event is considered a highlight of their summer experience! Industry guests also report finding value in these events, as an opportunity to meet bright young scholars, and get important insights into the professional values and interests of today’s students.

*The Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships is an education center within the California NanoSystems Institute.



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